We deliver value and achieve our purpose through –

Our own Program Managers who drive our three programs, namely Rebounce, Pair Up and Synergy.

Rebounce helps individuals in syndicating resources like the required finance, enhancing their careers and thriving in the digital space. Our Pair Up Program Managers collaborate with individual financial advisors and debt servicing professionals, helping them offer their clients a better financial revival, taxation, savings and investments plan.

Our Synergy Program Managers onboard, support and grow relationships with financial advisory and debt servicing Companies.

The Synergy program is a premier one-stop destination for information and referral assistance curated to help people in the domains of debt servicing, budgeting, savings and investments planning, tax planning with statutory compliance, loans, credit and debit consulting, banking, insurance, credit repair, services to corporates for employee financial consulting, legal financial counselling, fraud detection and protection.