Pair Up program

Our Pair Up Program Managers onboard, support and grow relationships with individual financial advisors and debt servicing professionals, furthering a common agenda.

Pair Up Program Managers empower individual financial advisors. This pairing adds business insights of Pair Up Program Managers with client facing connects of individual financial advisors. The clients, in turn, derive better value.

The Pair Up program is a premier one-stop destination for information and referral assistance curated to help people in the domains of debt servicing, budgeting, savings and investments planning, loans, credit and debit consulting, banking, insurance, fraud detection and protection.

Pair Up program activities with individual financial advisors

  • Co-marketing.
  • Personal and social media branding.
  • Lead generation and nurturing, live transfer, appointment fixing.
  • Outsourced customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Outsourced customer experience management.
  • Outsourced customer insight management.
  • Growth consulting.

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