Rebounce beneficiaries include

  • Individuals near bankruptcy who are also debt laden.​
  • Individuals near bankruptcy who are also debt laden, having additional challenges like physical handicaps, no care givers etc.
  • Senior citizens in distress due to low savings with no hopes of additional income.
  • Neighborhood champions like firemen, nurses and drivers having a marginal existence.
  • Families under stress like single parents by choice, divorcees, widower / widows, or people who exited live-in relationships.
  • Individuals in middle-class strata of society.​

Rebounce services

Free initial interaction for requirements capture and solutions proposal.

Retirement planning.

Medical insurance, expense planning, doctor appointment, telecare.

Budget management.

Savings planning.

Loan syndication.

Investment planning.

Emergency funds management.

Tax planning.

Insurance planning.

Education planning.

Challenges addressed for senior citizens

  • Mental health.
  • Tele health.
  • Assisted living.
  • Lifestyle modification.
  • Technology exposure and adoption.
  • Finance for retirement planning, investment, savings, source of income.
  • Sourcing of jobs allowing work from home like desk jobs, tele calling.
  • Attorney for financial security.

Challenges addressed for firemen and nurses

  • Mental health issues due to extended, stressful working hours and environment.
  • Lifestyle compromises due to extended working hours.
  • Monetary issues due to low pay coupled with long work hours.
  • Requirement of loan for further education.
  • Career challenges stifling financial growth and independence.

Challenges addressed for drivers

  • Technology, as transportation industry is transforming.
  • Health issues due to long working hours, causing fatigue and stress.
  • Mental wellness challenged due to depressive low income and sleep deprivation.
  • Lifestyle challenges due poor standards of living.

Challenges addressed for families under stress – single parents by choice, divorcees, widower / widows, or people who exited live-in relationships

  • Finance considerations –
    • Balancing income and expenses.
    • Bill & Debt management.
    • Saving for future.
    • Insurance
    • Education of child / children
  • Child care.
  •  Parenting.
  • Mental well-being.
  • Career growth and choices as per individual dreams and passion.
  • Employment supporting to their financial needs.
  • Divorce – Property division, spousal support and visitation, custody issues.

Challenges addressed for individuals in middle-class strata of society.

    • Savings and investment planning.
    • Portfolio management.
    • Taxation planning and statutory compliance.
    • Loan syndication for vehicle, home, white goods and other requirements.
    • Low interest credit and subsidy.
    • Retirement planning.
    • Securing educational loan.
    • Education loan refinancing.
    • Credit monitoring.
    • Credit repair.
    • Emergency vault.
    • Debt handling.
    • Fraud protection.
    • Financial legal services.
  • Enhancing careers

    Rebounce Program Managers offer advisory and consulting services for securing better careers by providing technology, online learning, finance and education.

    • Helping you choose the correct subject, educational program and college / university for career growth.
    • Starts with counselling to assess your skills, capabilities and interest to connect with the best suited program.
    • We identify any skillset you may be lacking to make the grade and help you with quality information, educational resources and even connect you with domain experts to bridge the gap.
    • We provide assistance for job search with tips on searching jobs best suited for you.
    • We help you create an effective and attention-grabbing resume.
    • We offer well researched information on prospective employers.
    • We also recommend ways to improve personal profiles with perspectives of individual career and social media branding.

    Technical support for thriving in the digital space.

    Rebounce Program Managers help you to resolve all the technical issues regarding Internet, connectivity and proper use of devices like desktop computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones, smart home gadgets and electronics.

    Shop online.

    Hotel bookings.

    Join communities around you.

    Online recharge / bill payment.

    Order food online.

    Cab bookings.

    Flight bookings.

    Vacations planning.

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