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Professionstar is a platform that has already served the noble cause of securing the financial future of about 15000 not-so-privileged people residing across the entire United States of America. We have helped all of them achieve a better quality of life.

We add value to people’s lives through Our offerings which are deployed through Re bounce, a program for individuals and two programs for affiliates, namely Pair Up and Synergy



Rebounce is a program for individuals that helps them bounce back in life. Under this program, our domain expertise is in providing, 

  • Education for attaining financial freedom
  • Education for debt servicing
  • Education for career enhancement
  • Education on how to become an accomplished netizen
  • Fraud alert analysis and financial vulnerability

Which has helped thousands of people attain financial independence and lead a better quality of life.

Re-bounce helps individuals in syndicating resources like the required finance, enhancing their careers and thriving in the digital space.

Dedicated Rebounce Program Managers offer solutions customized to meet the varying requirements of each individual.

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Pair Up

Our Pair Up Program Managers onboard, support and grow relationships with individual financial advisors and debt servicing professionals, furthering a common agenda.

Pair Up Program Managers empower individual financial advisors. This pairing adds business insights of Pair Up Program Managers with client facing connects of individual financial advisors. The clients, in turn, derive better value.

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Our Synergy Program Managers onboard, support and grow relationships with financial advisory and debt servicing Companies for furthering a common agenda.

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