Senior care

Senior care covers any assistance an aging individual needs in order to overcome challenges in normal daily activities. Elders need assistance in different activities like Bathing, Dressing, Walking, Diet monitoring and Medicare etc. For that, they need a caregiver to help them out. During this period different scam happens with them. Most seniors these days are living on limited incomes from sources that may include Social Security, a small pension or maybe some other form of government assistance. With few resources at Your disposal, we help you find free and discounted services for seniors.


  • Nursing Home Care


The elderly who fight with physical and mental problems need Convalescent homes that provide nursing care to them. They also need to plan their daily activities and housekeeping services.

  • Financial Security


After retirement, most elders lived on a fixed income so they are not able to afford constantly increasing the cost of living and same lifestyle they had been accustomed to.

  • Elder Abuse


The abuse of elders by caregivers is a worldwide issue. Mainly elders abuse by the person that they rely on for services. Many times they may abuse by their own family members.

How we Help

  • We contact Local office for Aging (the name of this government agency may be different in different local areas i.e. Division of Senior Care Services) or local charities, or on the internet through sites like informing them about your needs and assistance required.
  • Experts warn that seniors are generally more vulnerable to certain kinds of fraud. We help you build up strategies to that you can follow to avoid financial fraud.
  • We assist elders with how to find a caregiver and understanding how a caregiver can help in their activities.


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