Privacy Policy

ProfessionStar collects visitors’ voluntarily-provided personal data through this website. This includes all of the displayed information fields. (Visitor name, City, State, E-mail, telephone number, etc.) Personal information is transmitted using our (Need to mention acquired SSL certificate information) encryption for added protection. ProfessionStar is not responsible for technical problems that may occur resulting in others viewing your information. The collected information may be used to contact you via phone, fax, e-mail, or regular mail to provide you with information that we believe may be of interest to you. Collected information will never be sold or transferred to other parties outside of ProfessionStar without visitor’s consent. All non-personal information (questions, comments, ideas, suggestions and other feedback) is regarded as non-confidential. By sending a message to ProfessionStar or verifying telephone number, visitors acknowledge and understand that all non-personal information is considered non-confidential. ProfessionStar is free to disseminate by any means and use for any purpose this non-confidential information without restrictions and without any obligation to the visitor. Visitors may have access to their personal data to add, revise or delete information at any time by contacting ProfessionStar.

Visitors should never utilize ProfessionStar’s website or contact information to send proprietary or confidential information.

If a visitor does not wish to be contacted by ProfessionStar  or have questions regarding the website and/or ProfessionStar’s privacy policy, contact us at 1-877-213-1703.

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