Not getting an interview call

Talent will get you in the door but character will keep you in the room.
In the anticipation of receiving an interview call, we may tend to miss on the opportunities at hand. It all begins with looking for a job to make a career into. It is not recommended to appear for all the walk-in interviews. If you happen to apply at too many places being not prepared, you are certain to face rejections. It is common to not get an interview call as they have several parameters to judge your profile.
  • How were you in your academics or basic studies?
It is an added advantage to excel in your academics. If you wish to apply for your dream job with other 10,000 applicants for the same, then every good grade values a lot to you.
  •  How are your responsibilities mentioned in your curriculum vitae?
Have you worked any job or project in the past with organized leadership ability? If yes, then you are likely to get hired more than your contenders who have not.
  • Does your career graph show exponential growth in responsibilities?
If the answer is yes, you are already in the top list of the people getting hired.
  •  Have you gone through the job description for the title you are seeking?
First, find yourself to be suitable for the title with the necessary skills and a strong will. Then, nothing in this world can stop you from getting your dream job interview call.
  • Are you prepared for the aptitude test?
Almost all employers need you to qualify their aptitude test to check where you stand. The reason why this is a challenge is ‘it has been a long time that you parted yourself from studies’. Now how so ever hard you try to study, that is not going to be your cup of tea again. This is where most of the very good candidates fail. Being prepared for the aptitude test gives you an edge over the other applicants.
  • Had too many rejections?
You must take the criticism that you receive from your experiences with grace. Always think that the next one is yours and it will be. Breathe well during your interviews. It does not matter if you are nervous or not. It is all there in your heart.
You are strong, and you are about to land into your dream job. No matter how many times you would have to reappear for the interview, never lose hope.
Wish you all the luck my dear job seeker!
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