Financial tax advisor

Protect your income from unnecessary taxes

Let the Star guide you to design the best tax saving plan that matches your financial needs

Our Expertise

Financial tax advisor

Tax Planning

Let the Star guide you to minimize the amount of taxes you must pay by practicing the TAX AVOIDANCE which is the use of legitimate methods to reduce one’s taxes

Financial tax advisor

Consultation with Tax Expert

Our Stars can help you review your financial status. Connect you with a tax advisor that holds expertise in tax law, tax compliance, and tax planning and can fix all your tax related problems

Financial tax advisor

Tax Return Preparation and Filing

Today’s tax laws have become so complicated that filing even a single return can be very confusing. Let the Star guide you not to overlook deductions and credits you are entitled to, and get you your biggest refund and get it fast

Financial tax advisor

IRS Tax Representation

Do you owe a numerous amount of money to the IRS or State? Let the Star guide you get the best possible settlement within the IRS guidelines and if you qualify even settle your debt for just a fraction of what you owe

How profession star helps you

Professionstar’s TAX Advisory & Consulting service will help you connect with a CPA in your area or located remotely who can best meet your personal finance needs. Our Stars can help you to review your financial status, investments, your assets no matter what they are, and offer recommendation and referrals on choosing the best options for minimizing your tax and help you navigate through complex decisions that will affect your taxes

Financial tax advisor


Our Star will study details about your assets, liabilities and current year income and expenses. Moreover, share information and educational resources to educate you on your tax situation, tax planning in general and opportunity to save tax

Financial tax advisor


Our star will prepare your financial statements, examine your previous tax returns and assess your tax liability which is the amount of tax payable based on current and applicable tax laws

Financial tax advisor


Our Star will connect you to an appropriate Tax Advisor with expertise to solve all your immediate tax problems.

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