Elders – Treasure in our homes.

We take care of all the things which keep our loved one healthy and happy. Taking care of our loved and elder one is not an easy job in our stressful and busy life.

Elderly people just require love and care, but it’s not possible to be with them every time.  Taking care of children’s and elderly parents is full of time work, challenging, responsibilities and decision making.

Caring for elderly parents or relatives should be enjoyable for both caregiver and children’s.

From birth, till the entire life parents and children’s have to define relationship; parents are the caregivers were a child is the one being cared for.  But according to time period eventually those role reverse.  A person who lives together in the family knows the role of caregivers and parents.

The switch of parents to caregiver and parents of needing care can affect parents and child relationships. As per the life spans many things changes such as behavior, thought process, health, responsibilities etc.

     “  I   saw my mom taking care of my grandparents, they always need is attention, comfort, and happiness.  But because the cause of health or no company or by retirement makes them aggressive frustrated or unhappy. Spending time with grandparents makes them happy and they deserve to spend a happy and memorable life in their later years”

What I learn from my mother as a caregiver you cannot take care of elderly one alone you need someone along with you. Because taking care of other family members other than the elderly one is not possible simultaneously.   But now a day there are many facilities available which make taking care of elders’ task easy.
Do you feel helpless that you can’t take care of your old family members?

Do you feel that they can’t do other things on their own independently?

You need someone who can take care of them like family. Someone who was fully trained experienced and screened for honesty and integrity, so you never need to worry about the quality of care and attention your loved one receives.
I would like to suggest a few tips on taking care of your elder ones.

  • Understand the role reversal mechanisms of children as caregiver and caregiver as care needy person to take care of your elderly ones.
  • Take care of home safety measures, like uneven flooring, improper lighting or various other gadgets were elders can trip, they should feel comfortable and safe living at home.
  • Take care of the good amount of physical activities and good nutrition and a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, calcium, proteins, and Vitamin D is essential for good health and bones.
  • Understand the stage of disease your elder ones suffering from so that medication of that particular element to taking care off.
  • Build a repo with the elders to handle them well, give them comfort, their space, attention, and feeling that they can take care of themselves independently.
  • Spent quality time with them, involve them in discussion; give them finical independent so that they can plan about their savings and investments.

Do all the possible things to keep your aged parents happy and healthy. After all, we only have one set of parents to LOVE.

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