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Education has a diverse field of application. Passing on the knowledge of anything that we know is an art. The further knowledge process is not about what do we know, but about how do we deliver that knowledge to the world. That is why very expressive people can be fit for this area of expertise. Those who have nurtured their linguistic skills, already have an edge over the others. It is very important to recognize what are your areas of expertise to classify job titles. Apply for New Jersey and Virginia Jobs by uploading your resume on this page here. (

How we Help

  • Our core value is that we save job seekers the hassle and frustration of weeding through generalized job boards and scams, making it easy and safe to locate and apply to legitimate jobs.
  • We check with your local public library to see what they have in their career research and job search collections.
  • We check with your local Chamber of Commerce and ask about career/job fairs that may be planned for the near future.
  • We use resources and services available through your state Department of Labor office to help you will find both online resources as well as in-person options.
  • We help you with Company researching Information which is a critical commodity in job-hunting; the more you know and the easier it is for you to find information, the better your chances of success as Employers value job-seekers who know key information about the company because that knowledge demonstrates your interest and enthusiasm for the company and for the job.
  • We know to search for and getting jobs is challenging and with our help, you no longer need to rely on acquaintances or pay hefty amounts to touts and agents. Don’t spend time and effort in traveling to find or to get information on open jobs anymore.

Job Profiles

  • Early Childhood Teacher / Montessori Teacher: A person in this profile must be patient, love to travel and help the growth of children in their early years.
  • Economist: An economist can be for transport, healthcare, administration, policy analytics & quantitative analytics. They also can be for senior development economist, research analyst, and scientists. Their major focus is to get numbers for everything and do its analysis on time.
  • Market Research Analyst: The analyst knows past, present, and future of his market. If you have serious statistical skills, you can opt for it.
  • Nanny/Child Care: You need to be compassionate, warm and at the same time a social person to go for this job.
  • Primary/Elementary School Teacher: This profile needs you to be multi-tasker.
  • Private Teacher/Tutor: Good judgment and analytical mind are major requirements.
  • Secondary School Teacher: This teacher does record keeping, examination preparations, manages student behavior. Also plan extracurricular activities, parent-teacher communication, progress tracking, and feedback.
  • Statistician: Has to keep a track of numbers on time.
  • Assistant Teacher: Needs to undergo supervision from Teachers. When a teacher is on a leave or engaged in an assignment, an aide has to undertake responsibility.
  • Trainer: Can be a life coach, sports coach or business coach.
  • Instructor: Can be a team leader, or a scrum master.
  • Assistant Professor: In schools, the assistant professor conducts the research and class. They have to get dedicated to academics.
  • Educator: A mentor who can guide through all stages of learning is an educator.
  • Full-time education jobs: In New Jersey and Virginia, lots of schools and research laboratories have full-time job openings.
  • Part-time education jobs: If you want an internship program or a part-time job need to submit your resume first. Very few people offer part-time jobs in New Jersey and Virginia.
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