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Welcome to Profession star – A step to a debt-free and healthy credit life. We offer Information and Educational resources if required suggest low-cost services to consumers who are ready to say “I need help with my debt.” Our Experts can clear up any confusion around your finances, help you evaluate your financial situation, and go over all of the options for paying down your debt or repairing your credit. We’ll help you choose the avenue that will work best for your situation and goals, and provide you with ample education to help you manage your money more effectively.


  • Declined Loan Applications: If your credit score is too low and applying for a loan, then the creditors might not lend you. And with bad credit, you may find that your application gets denied.
  • The high rate of interest: Having a low credit score indicates that you’re a riskier borrower than someone with a better credit score. then at this time creditors make you pay for this risk, So they charge a high rate of interest. The more you borrow, the more you’ll pay in interest.
  • Sometime you might get denied for the job: If you are applying for a job especially in upper management and finance department, it requires you to have a good credit score. You can easily get denied for a job because of the negative term on your credit reports like high debt amounts, bankruptcy, or outstanding bills.
  • Difficulties in starting your own business: Every business needs capital for setup whether it is of small scale or large scale and it’s not possible to manage such a big amount so at the time of setup you need a loan but a bad credit history can limit the amount you need to borrow. Even if you have a solid business plan and data supporting your business success.
  • Guarantee deposits on utilities: If you have a bad credit history, you may have to pay a security deposit to establish service on your name, even if you’ve always paid your utility bills (electricity, cable, phone bill etc) on time. The security deposit will be charged upfront before you can establish service in your name.
  • Higher rate of insurance premium: Creditors are not the only one who check your credit report, insurance company also do. They argue that bad credit score are connected to higher claims field. So they check your credit score and charge higher inter

How We Help

We help you with information and educational resources on how to develop a Budget to make sure you can make ends meet on the basics: housing, food, health care, insurance, and education.

We help you with information and assistance on how to contact your creditors to work out a modified payment plan that reduces your payments to a more manageable level.

We refer you to suitable credit counseling organizations to work with you and solve your financial problems if you’re not disciplined enough to create a budget and stick to it, to work out a repayment plan with your creditors, or to keep track of your mounting bills.

We help you deal with Debt Collectors by keeping you informed of how and when a debt collector may contact you, Collectors may not harass you, lie, or use unfair practices when they try to collect a debt

We help you to check your credit report for accounts that are not yours and ensure that the businesses that pulled your credit report are those you applied for credit with as sometimes, criminals try to open accounts in consumers’ names; this leads to hard inquiries which show up on your credit report

We provide information and useful resources on do-it-yourself guidelines to tell the credit reporting company, in writing, what information you think is inaccurate.

We provide educational resources on when accurate negative information on your credit reports will go away.


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