Banking advice and assistance

Choose a Bank That is Right for You

Our Star will help you find a low-fee checking account, a high-return savings account and best investment options

Banking advice and assistance

Choose a Bank

To find a Bank or Credit Union that provides what you want depends on your financial needs. Let the star guide you to understand your financial needs and compare dozens of Bank to find the one that matches your current needs as well as your future goals.

Banking advice and assistance

Choose a Money Market account

Money market accounts are similar and generally considered a type of saving account but the interest rate is usually a little higher, making it a better place to park your money. Our Stars will compare the interest rates you will be getting and look at the restriction on your Money Market account to select the best one that matches your financial needs

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Banking advice and assistance

Choose a Savings account

Let the Star guide you to select the best of the Savings account out that offer the best interest rates and convenient banking features that aligns with your immediate financial needs and long term saving goals

Banking advice and assistance

Choose a CD to build your savings

Certificate of Deposits means locking in your money for a certain amount of time and because you are locking it in and you are not able to take it out like a checking account or savings account you earn a higher interest rate. Let the Star guide you to choose the best type of CD with more flexibility that will earn you high interest rate to build your savings

Banking advice and assistance

Choose a Checking account

We as a Star do not want you to pay too many banking fees so we help you understand what the checking account fees are involved and how to avoid them while considering a checking account

Banking advice and assistance

Banking General Consulting and Advisory

Our Stars will provide you information and educational resources about the bank, its services, and personal finance in general and even make appropriate referrals if required that matches your financial needs

How profession star helps you

We know that making banking decisions can be confusing and you might feel lost while finding a bank that is right for you, understanding terms and activities, choosing the account and banking services best for you. Professionstar believes in offering banking advise and assistance in its simplest form that matches your financial needs making your money work for you.

Banking advice and assistance


To make your banking experience convenient, we educate you about banking basics and analyze your financial lifestyle

Banking advice and assistance


We do the need analysis of your banking needs for example, are you looking for the direct deposit of your paycheck, no-interest checking, or no-fee money orders? Do you want a higher interest rate on a savings account or investment options?.

Banking advice and assistance


We recommend a bank that works with and offers the best interest rates and services to match your unique financial needs

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